Thank you very much for taking part in one of the first Food Clubs. As these are very early days for us, we've created this note to give you some feel for what to expect.

One thing to emphasise: you are helping us a great deal by being among the first clubs, but you are not using an untested system.

We have trialled the system and are using state of the art technology for the shop, particularly the payment processes, and our development team have lots of experience in designing and building such systems. Your use will be more helpful in telling us how to make the website more usable, shed light on preferences you'll have for how we do things (e.g. how pick-up is arranged). There might be the odd bug to pick up on and we’d be very grateful for any reports of problems.

What's different about Food Clubs

When the shop opens you'll see a familiar layout. You search or browse for items you want and then you can checkout and pay. A couple of things that are different:

  • You have to complete your order by a shared deadline.
  • You have to pick your order up from the organisers stated address on a set day.

A few notes:

  • What we sell / don't sell: You can see the shop here.
  • Products missing / refunds: If anything is not delivered or faulty, we will refund you as soon as we can. There will be no quibbles!
  • Wrong photos: We have been sourcing for over 10,000 products, and some of the images and product descriptions you will see are incorrect. Please help us find them!
  • Minimum orders? There are no minimum orders, but we are exploring ways to help the clubs grow.


Massive thanks from the Food Clubs Team!

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