The club organiser is the main point of contact for the club. They are the person who created the club, sets the delivery date, and accepts the delivery. You collect your shopping from the organiser when it's been delivered.

How do I start a club?


Everyone else in the club joins as members. They can shop and place orders via their own individual accounts.

How do I join a club?

You shop and checkout much in the same way you'll be used to with other online grocery shops. Everyone in the club has their own account that they can use to shop and pay for their own orders separately. There's no sharing of accounts, and no money changes hands between people in the club.

Is ordering with Food Clubs secure?

Each club places an order once a month. There's no commitment to buy and you are not tied into a subscription. If you would like to place an order, do so before the order deadline. We will notify you each month when the deadline is approaching.

Do I have to order every month?


All orders placed before the order deadline are packed up and sent to your club organisers address. It's important to note that orders are only sent to this one address, not directly to you. It's like click & collect, but from your neighbour!

Why don't you deliver to my house?


On the day of delivery, your organiser will be in touch to arrange collection from their address. Your order is individually packed, so no hunting through a massive pile of stuff - you just collect your individually packed box(es).

How do I collect my order?

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