We don't have a set standard on how much date life you will receive on a product, as our range is so big and varied. Our products last from 6 years to 6 weeks and everything in between. (In fact, some products have much no end date at all).

To help get a feel for what you should expect and what you should see, most of our food products will have at least 6 months before their due date. That said there are some product categories which tend to have shorter dates (for example crisps and breads).

But as a rule of thumb every food product will come with at least 30 days or 30 days plus sufficient time for the product to be consumed (for example a course of tablets of 180 "one a day" will have 210 days date life).

If you are every unhappy with a date then please get in touch, but they should be rare as everything comes direct from one wholesaler who has rapid turnover and replenishes the the stock on most products every month.

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